Finance, Owner Statements & Taxes

At Crown Property Management, we find satisfaction in making sure all your bases are covered. From collecting security deposits and rents to preparing monthly Owner statements and quarterly bed tax reports, to year-end income and expense reports and 1099-Misc tax reporting, we do it all, to make handling your finances and filing your tax returns a breeze.


Our customers rest easy knowing that we make rent collection a priority. You can count on us to fairly and evenly enforce the terms of our rental agreements. All rents and security deposits collected are deposited into the Crown trust account within three days of receipt. On the 10th of each month, we disburse all rental proceeds for the prior month and send you an easy to understand Owner Statement detailing the prior month's income, expenses, and recommendations of the Property Manager.


Accompanying your Owner Statement, you will find a copy of each receipt or invoice, documenting the disbursement of cash outlays necessary to maintain the property, so you can rest assured that we never mark-up vendor invoices.


At Crown, we understand first hand that owning and running a vacation rental is a lot of work! From years of experience self-managing our five-star vacation rental home to years of professional property management industry experience, we understand what it takes to establish and run a successful and profitable rental property. We pride ourselves on placing highly-qualified tenants and curating five-star reviews. When you sign with Crown we will take the work out of owning your rental property by handling every detail for you. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Contact Crown Property Management today and discover the difference we can make for you. 

Crown Property Management

An Assumed Business Name of

Crown Vacation Rentals LLC

468H Ash Rd. 

Kalispell, MT 59901

Shannon McNamee

Licensed Property Manager

License # RRE-RPM-LIC-53352

Tel: 406-314-6484